Hi, I'm Leigh. I've created Base-Line Healing .com in order to share how I learned to use my body correctly, allowing me to heal from decades of pain.

I feel better that I ever have before.

Please contact me if you've anything to say. Questions, comments, criticisms, a good old moan about how living with pain is hard (it is!) ... All welcome. :)

(This site a work in progress so please ignore spelling mistakes for now!)

[email protected]

Base-Line Theory of Health and Movement is based on my recovery from 40 years of fibromyalgia - a multitute of pain-related symptoms, and many years of depression.

My recovery has taken a lot of time and focus, things that ONLY YOU can provide for yourself.

I'm not selling anything. The information you need to improve your health is all here.  Look at the anatomy pictures, keep thinking about the 5 main muscles of movement and how you use them as you move, starting from your body's Base-Line.

Base-Line muscles

the key to healing

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