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Individual Trauma Imprints.

Your body. Your pain. You can fix it.

What you have experienced during your life , a record of damage stored in connective tissues. This 'stored trauma' is due

Physical restrictions are created within our body-wide web of connectives tissues in a response to inflammation. These restrictions are a record of damage sustained, of traumas experienced, creating your own 'individual trauma imprint'.

INFLAMMATION & TRAUMA → Injury, accident, abuse, surgery. Infection - bacterial and viral. Stress, fear, the things that make us tense, flinch, freeze-up.   Awkward positions, shocks, strains, exertions, slips, falls. Anything that triggers inflammation.(The body's inflammatory processes are vast and complex and initiated by so many things.)

The 'max-stressed position' is recorded, need to return to it to release the tissues, and associated pains and emotions. I became aware of how memories were awoken as I moved, of how (negative) emotions were entangled with my phyisical body and how they were released as I released the physical restrictions.

Your unique trauma imprint is responsible for your particular collection of pain-related symptoms.

pain types and weird sensations

I kept a diary of my experiences during healing, building a list of symptoms and injuries I'd had over the years - some of which I'd forgotten about until I re-experienced the pain as I released the stored damage. And then it was gone - cured.

Trauma trends and patterns.

I have only a case study of one (me!) and the body's interconnectedness is far too complicated for me to describe - subject to almost infinite variables but I believe there will be common trends and patterns depending on the location of the 'primary' restrictions on your body. - past injuries etc.

From a long list of symptoms (all with varying severity and time-scales) there are countless combinations that give you your individual group of clinical signs.

Patterns of Pain

Signs and symptoms occur along damaged and restricted threads.   These trends are what I believe are the basis of TCM.   Physicians describing patterns observed over how many years? How many patients? I'd guess at many hundreds of years, thousands of patients...

Whatever your individual trauma imprint is, the fix is the same.  Connect with your learn to heal yourself by developing your sense of

Optimising the use of your muscles = Better health.

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