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If you suffer from chronic pain, and don't use your main muscles of movement, then the pain will not go away until you recify the situation.

When unrecognised and uncorrected, an aquired dysfunction of any part of the main muscles of movement will start to have effects on the body along the associated paths/threads. A collection of pains and symptoms developing over time as muscles and the connective tissue system adapt to compensate for the weakness. This could start at any age, possibly after a traumatic trigger, but anything that stops you using your muscles correctly could initiate the body's adaptions.

Almost insidious in nature, a slow progression until pain, in one form or another, is a daily occurence.

I never used my muscles correctly, and if you are like me you don't know any different. Never having experienced healthy movement, I didn't know what I was missing and there was a lot of trauma to my body over the years because of it and constantly adding to the damage.

If you have been in pain for a long time you may not even register a lot of it, but it still fills your brain, slowly pulling you on a down, spiralling to the bottom.

physical pains need the cause rectified, the body healed. Not something that masks the pain.

If any of this sounds familar, try this method and make yourself better.

A lifetime of chronic pains, all because of unrealised poor usage of my muscles.

I've had sore knees since I was a kid.

Daily back pain since my early teens.

My "back back" became the umbrella name for all my pains.

Rigid neck.

Restless legs.

I didn't mention most things I suffered, my back back was dramatic (attention-seeking) enough.

Suffer in silence, wrapped in a blanket of depression.

headaches, muscle spasms, shooting pains. Just normal for me, I'd never known any different.

Every muscle syndrome going - piriformis, etc Could I really have everything? Or was it hypochondria?

Abdominal pains. Something stuck in throat

As I write this I think it's not worth going into details.

Everyone's pain pattern is unique, but with a lot of common elements.

If you suffer physical pain then connect with your Base-Line and feel how to rid yourself of it.

The pain has gone for me.

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Movement should not be painful.