Base-Line Healing

Learn to use your body better.

Healing Technique:

1. Find Your Base-Line Muscles.

human figure seen from the front, looking up the body with the Base-Line muscles shown. The body's core pillar of strength. The pelvic floor muscles forming a basket of muscles within the pelvic canal, providing the the solid base foundation of the torso. The rectus abdominis muscles extend from the pubic symphysis of the pelvis up the front of the abdomen to the lower ribs. The rectus abdominis muscles are like to 2 parallel stacks of panels of muscle, ribbons of muscle connecting pelvis and chest that should be fully active and extended. The rectus abdominis muscles lie either side of the midline linea alba, the body's baseline guide for alignment and balance.
the base-line muscles pelvic floor and rectus abdominis shown in a human figure from the front and angled. The rectus abdominis muscles are like two ribbons that run parallel up the front of the abdomen from pubic symphysis of the pelvis (the bone between the legs) to the front of the chest, attaching to the rib cage i.e. they extend quite high. Each rectus abdominis is made up of sections of muscle, panels of muscular tissue separated by bands of connective tissue within each 'ribbon' two stacks of blocks.  The linea alba, a strip of tough connective tissue lies between the rectus abdominis muscles on the body's midline. Think pelvic floor base, Rectus abdominis line. Our core pillar of strength up the front of the abdomen.

Look at the anatomy pages and find the muscles on your body.

Pelvic Floor Muscles:

The Base Foundation of the Body.

human outline from above with the pelvic floor muscles in-situ.  Like a basket of muscle, slung between the bones of the pelvis - spanning the pelvic canal.  Several muscles, differing in shape and size, forming the basket. Left and right sides are symmetrical, with holes on the midline for the anus and genital outlets.

The pelvic floor is like a basket of muscles that should be tight and secure, providing the solid base for all movement.

pelvic floor keeping it simple

pelvic floor in detail

Rectus Abdominis Muscles:

The Body's Central Line.

When fully active, the rectus abdominis muscles are the body's 'core pillar of strength'. They should be strong and flexible, providing the central support for a full range of natural movement.

rectus abdominis keeping it simple

rectus abdominis in detail

outline of human figure showing the rectus abdominis muscles running up the front of the abdomen from pelvis to mid chest. The body's central line, strong and flexible muscles from where the rest of the body extends. The rectus abdominis muscles should be fully extended. Engaged and elongated, supporting the rest of the body through a full range of natural movement.

The linea alba, our primary anatomical guide for body alignment, lies midline between the rectus abdominis muscles.

linea alba

Working with your Base-Line.

Try to keep your Base-Line muscles in mind wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Practice breathing with your Base-Line as much as possible. Think 'stronger and longer' with every in-breath.

breathing technique

As you activate your Base-Line muscles, move as feels natural as your midline lengthens. I began to use the roll-down action, supported by my Base-Line. Do what feels right for you. Never force anything.

the roll-down

base-line muscles seen in outline of body. The rectus abdominis central line attaches right between the legs to the pubic symphysis of the pelvis, forming two parallel stacks of panels of muscle, separated by the linea alba.  Attaching to the costal cartilage of ribs 5 6 and 7 of the chest. Our core pillar of strength. Flexible and supportive.

It takes time and effort to learn to use your body correctly. Keep picturing your Base-Line muscles in your mind and think of them as your core from where the rest of your body extends.

the key to healing

Benefits of Base-Line.

Focusing on your Base-Line will increase your awareness of your posture so that you can improve it.

good posture

Activating and extending your Base-Line will allow to to feel the position of your linea alba, sensing your midline allows you to move and adjust your positioning to work towards body alignment and balance.

body alignment and balance

Increased awareness of your positioning, alignment and balance will develop your sense of conscious proprioception, building the connection between body and mind.

conscious proprioception

Increasing your conscious proprioception enables you to feel how to move in order release physical tensions on your body and the associated pain, recovering your physical health.

Base-Line muscles in a human figure seen from the front, angled upwards. Base pelvic floor muscles are like a basket between your legs, the foundation at the base of the torso. The rectus abdominis muscles either side of the midline linea alba from pelvic symphysis to the chest wall. The rectus abdominis muscles consist of multiple sections of muscle tissue, panels side by side extending up the front of the abdomen. Active your Base-Line, thinking longer and stronger with every in breath starting from base, then section by section of the rectus abdominis.

Little by little progress is made, improving your posture and regaining movement.

What if I don't have a connection to my Base-Line muscles?

You don't know what you are missing!

You lack the central support needed for pain-free movement.

Your brain has no central guide for body alignment.

You are unable to re-set to healthy after a trauma. You adjust rather than heal.

Traumas build up. Pain levels continue to increase.

the pelvic floor and  rectus abdominis muscles shown in human outline shown from the side. The pelvic floor is like a basket of muscles at the base of the body. The solid foundation needed for healthy movement. The pelvic floor is a crescent-shape on midline, the front attaching to the pubic symphysis from where the rectus abdominis muscles extend up the front of the body. The rectus abdominis, thin when seen from the side. Ribbon-like, sectioned into panels of muscle separated by connective tissue up the front of the abdomen. The body's central line.

Keep working at it. Find your Base-Line and begin the journey to better health.

Become aware of when 'the wrong' areas of muscle activate. When you feel this happening - relax, breathe and focus on your Base-Line once more.

the wrong muscles

Healing Technique:

2. Base-Line to legs3. Base-Line to upper body

Optimising the use of your muscles = Better health.

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