Base-Line Healing

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Anatomy of Alignment:

Sensory Information.

Many parts of the body provide sensory information to help you feel your midline. Increased awareness of your midline allows you to feel the relative positioning of the rest of your body - to feel your posture.

good posture


Feel the air flow as you breath in and up through your nostrils.

breathing technique

Placing a finger over one nostril and breathing through the other is a great way to increase bodiliy awareness and feeling alignment of the upper body relative to


Breathe out through your mouth and feel the air flow through your lips.

The jaw bone is attached to the skull by muscles, a lot of movement is possible when there are no restrictions in the surrounding tissues.

Sensory information from lips, contacting teeth etc etc.


Many disiplines mention tongue position.  From placing the tip of your tongue behind your central incisors (front teeth), to rolling your tongue up and backwards so the under-surface contacts along the hard palette (roof of mouth).

Use your tongue and hard palette to provide sensory feedback about the relative positions of your skull and jaw.

Experiment, see what helps to feel the position in relation to your Base-Line.

A drawing of cross-section of a head showing placing the tongue on the roof of the mouth in various positions. Feel your midline from between front incisor teeth to curling your tongue up onto the hard palette.

5 midline markers for alignment

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