Base-Line Healing logo. Stick figure with arms outstretched above shoulder height, legs apart. Rainbow of colours up midline. Red at pelvic floor Base then a line of orange, yellow, green blue extending to the head. Showing the body aligned and balanced, the natural way to treat fibromyalgia.Use your body better slogan.

Sounds and sensations - releasing and healing.


Whilst focusing on my Base-Line becoming stronger and longer and using the roll-down action, I started to feel releases in my back - little pops and pings that felt good and gave me a little more movement to roll-down further.

With each release there was a sense of relief, of something good and positive.   It felt right to be doing what I was doing.

For the first few months the releases were gentle, but as my Base-Line connection and sense of conscious proprioception developed I could feel where I should move, sometimes the releases scared me a little, which is why I stress:

Never force anything and read the disclaimer

If you do something to hurt yourself it is your fault, NOT mine.

I had a lot of stored trauma and pain to be released - healing pains but that's different to causing yourself an injury

Bending my legs, moving them further apart and doing the "frog".  The first few times I felt the electric twang down the whole of my leg was scary. I avoided repeating it out of fear. Over a few weeks it happened a few times more as I instinctively repeated the move during my roll-downs. After a while I had the confidence that they were good releases and started to embrace the sensations. Like plucking guitar strings, ping ping ping. Sometimes my whole leg would jump. Sometimes it made me swear. Sometimes I could see the release around my ankles and feet. Always focusing on my main muscles of movement supporting me.

Ah my upper body/neck... This is advanced stuff, the fear of breaking my neck was instilled into me from an early age "get down from there you'll break your neck" after my neck injury at school my mum was even more concerned about injuries. I have crunched and cracked for hundreds of hours, freeing up the tissues that were once rigid. SOme of the pains during this time

Hip 'clunking' - it wasn't the hip joint, it was the connective tissue around it.

Releasing tissues ...

My body was tense,restricted, painful. Symptoms of fibromyalgia and I was depressed. During the healing process I've experienced many sounds and sensations as my connective tissues have released the physical tensions I was carrying around.

Find your Base-Line and release the pain.

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